Contributing to Research World

Become a Research World author by sending us your ideas

Are you looking to share your ideas? Do you have something to say to the global industry that hasn't been said before? Then, good news – we accept non-commercial contributions which have not been published before. The submission process is really easy – just fill in the submissions form, and we will get back to you. Our editorial board will take a look at your piece and decide whether its content our readers would be interested in. 

How do I submit?

Please fill in the form, and we will get back to you. 

What is non-commercial content?

We ask that submissions look at your thinking, methods, ideas rather than your company. Are you interested in talking about your company? No problem, please take a look at our Advertise page

Do you accept video or audio?

Yes, we actively encourage authors to use other online mediums to communicate the content.

What are the guidelines for contributors?

We encourage never-before-published contributions on:

  • New thinking and the latest research, insights and data tools, techniques, technology and applications

  • Critical analysis and debate about the contribution of research in solving business problems as well as brand success stories, insights from marketing and advertising teams and campaigns

  • Commentary on the latest tech and innovation trends and news and their applications or implications to the data, research and insights industry

  • What is the latest in business affairs and strategy?

  • Trend articles: what is on the horizon; the future role of research, insights, marketing and data analytics

  • Case histories on how top-performing companies make strategic and effective use of research and insights

  • How to optimise the client-provider relationship to deliver quality research

  • Thought pieces or case studies on topics such as privacy and data use issues, research for good, polling or political research

  • Commentary and reflections on current trends and issues in and beyond the world of data, research and insights 

Key selection criteria are:

  • Originality and creativity, challenging and critical, global relevance

  • Practical applications with solid relevance for marketing and business 

What do you need as part of the submission?

Contributions need to be in English with the title of the article and author(s)' name, position in the company, email address and a photo (colour, 500x500 or 500 pixels.)

A short bio and social media links are optional and can be added to the author's profile online. 

What style are you looking for?

To help ensure that your article is easy to read: 

  • Do not exceed the word count commissioned. Avoid repetition.

  • Include a title of 3 to 5 words and a lead-in of around 20 words summarising the subject matter.

  • Keep paragraphs and sentences short; use short words, not long. Active, not passive words.

  • Present the conclusion at the beginning, not at the end.

  • Emphasise the impact of the research in the context of decision making.

  • Include a strong ending, e.g., clear recommendations plans for the future.

  • Avoid sales pitches: the only worthwhile PR results from articles of a high standard and value.

  • Avoid detailed descriptions of elaborate techniques, advanced equations, footnotes or lists of references. Check facts and figures. Be specific about numbers (millions, billions, currencies etc. 

What are the technical specifications?

  • All tables, figures, graphs and images to be sent as separate files as online friendly files (.jpg, .png etc.) and at least 500 pixels to ensure clarity. Please check that any text in the images is large enough to read.

  • Mark the position of tables and figures within the text. Include the title of the graphic.