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23 April

The insights function has shifted, with nearly half of research projects now conducted internally. In Latin America, businesses grapple with effectively leveraging AI for insights generation, underscoring the growing importance of partnerships.

16 April
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No place brings together knowledge, talent, laughter and celebration like the ESOMAR LATAM Conference

16 April

The paramount concern for software vendors is crafting capabilities that adhere to the diverse spectrum of privacy standards and legislation across the world.

15 April

ESOMAR’s Global Prices Study 2023 finds that the global median price for social listening projects involving the delivery of data collection, presentation and advanced analytics has been steadily increasing over the years.

10 April

Follow this journey into using AI in market research, using an interview platform designed to streamline qualitative studies. It highlights the need for ongoing development and clear communication to optimize AI integration in market research.

10 April

Gamification in the market research industry holds promise for enhancing data quality and increasing engagement by transforming panelists into players, drawing inspiration from the success of the mobile gaming sector.