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Space Doctors

Space Doctors are a globally-recognised cultural and creative consultancy fuelled by the very best of semiotics, cultural insight and analytics. We assert that the world’s leading brands connect with and respond to the ever-changing winds of culture. As such a brand’s ability to anticipate and respond to cultural change - to maintain cultural relevance - is critical to their success. Space Doctors create meaningful futures, using critical thought and bold imagination, to reveal the impact of culture on brands, helping us build more impactful cross-platform strategies across regions, audiences and touchpoints. From close in activation strategies and communications development, to creative platforms and innovation, we unlock powerful new stories to tell – helping you shape the future with intent. We are constantly tracking and codifying culture across 40+ markets, using a combination of thick data, AI and big data, to uncover global cultural nuance and create culturally sensitive strategies and executions for markets or regions.

15 November 2021

It’s clear that businesses and organisations around the world need to measure a different sort of success.