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Cianan O’Dowd

I am an Industrial/ Product Designer from the UK. I am currently working as the Product Design Lead at QuantumCS, based out of London. QuantumCS is an Insight & Strategy Design agency focusing on opportunity development & product innovations for various clients.

My previous role was as the Senior Product Designer at Bodytrak. Bodytrak offers realtime core body temperature and other metrics from a non-invasive earpiece solution.

Other roles include a position as a Design Engineer at Dyson involved the development of sensors for the Dyson 360 Eye™ robot vacuum cleaner and unannounced new category products.

In my spare time I like to build things, whether it’s designing and building custom speaker cabinets and subwoofers for home cinema and music or fire breathing horses heads for Halloween, I just like to get my hands dirty.

My goals: To design and build meaningful stuff that people love to talk about, use, and just can’t go without.

Specialties: Solidworks CAD, prototype production, product development, design research, proposition development and concept development

5 September 2022

Consumer response to the rising cost-of-living crisis in the Gulf countries