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Bilendi offers innovative solutions and advanced technologies to collect and manage data across a varied range of transactions (web traffic, point of sale, reviews, etc.). We collect and manage data in two complementary divisions: * Services for Customer Engagement and Loyalty Bilendi offers omni-channel solutions for collecting and analysing data in order to win new customers and develop brand loyalty. This division incorporates bespoke loyalty programme design and management activities, as well as the Maximiles.com brand (coalition loyalty programme), Tellmewhere (recommendation and footfall generator) and Fabuleos (cashback). Bilendi currently operates customer engagement and loyalty services for over 8 million users across 4 European countries. * Services for Market Research Bilendi helps the market research industry to collect data for market research studies. In particular this business offers services such as sampling and survey programming, panellist recruitment, passive measurement of digital research, online advertising campaign effectiveness measurement and mobile collection solutions (consumer diaries, product tests, etc.). Bilendi currently has access to more than 2 million proprietary panellists in 12 countries (France, UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Danemark, Norway, Finland and Sweden) and services further countries through a network of partners. Bilendi currently has offices in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

20 June 2022
in Opinions

Dan Foreman meets Irena Hempel about being a refugee from the war in Bosnia. She escaped with her mother and eventually made her way to Germany, fleeing bullets, fires, and crossing rivers, quite a story.