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First automated platform for real-time biometric media testing at scale.

MindProber is a real-time, physiological, and behavioral analytics media testing platform that improves media ROI by analyzing viewers’ physiological and behavioral responses to media content, on a second-by-second basis.

The advertising and media businesses move billions of dollars every year in order to make consumers buy products or watch tv shows or movies. Consumer’s attention – a scarce resource – is pulled and tugged, with every ad, movie, and tv show vying to get viewers to watch their content, a scenario that only escalated in the multiplatform world we’re living in. The ability to engage and entertain consumers is critical to achieving success, and emotional impact is the key to doing so. The problem is that there is no fast and reliable solution to measure it.

MindProber platform overcomes these problems by providing a large-scale, real-time media testing solution that gathers insights in a faster and more reliable way. Our platform allows testing multimedia content from viewers' own living rooms, by capturing viewers’ physiological responses through our proprietary biometric sensor and behavioral assessment app, and producing real-time metrics on user emotional engagement, attention, and response synchrony. All this to get fast, accurate, and actionable insights.

20 June 2022
in Opinions

Dan Foreman meets Irena Hempel about being a refugee from the war in Bosnia. She escaped with her mother and eventually made her way to Germany, fleeing bullets, fires, and crossing rivers, quite a story.