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Quantum Consumer Solutions

Quantum is an insights and design strategy company. Our business thrives on accessing and analysing different types of data sources to gain a deeper understanding of cultures and consumers. We use frameworks and methodologies that are derived from social sciences & business management to deliver a higher degree of clarity to clients and bring them closer to creating better brands, products and business solutions. We have offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Singapore, China, London, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and fieldwork partners in over 20 countries, globally. We are committed brand partners and have successfully powered several global brands. More at: www.quantumcs.com

5 April

Digital ethnography has rapidly become a powerful tool for understanding consumer insights and motivations. For the food and beverage industry, it can deliver more precise, enduring, and actionable insights.

16 January

In a world where consumers say that they wouldn’t care if 74% of the brands they use disappear and feel that less than 27% of brands improve their lives and well-being, the need to bond more closely with consumers is becoming more urgent.

6 July 2023

The visibility of LGBTQ+ individuals in media and their representation in campaigns, ads, and content has a lasting impact on creating an inclusive social atmosphere.

1 June 2023

This article acknowledges the leaps AI has made for our industry but also highlights the pitfalls of distancing ourselves from the people we seek to understand.

5 September 2022

Consumer response to the rising cost-of-living crisis in the Gulf countries

11 May 2022

What do an apathetic cartoon monkey, the first tweet ever tweeted, and the viral noughties video ‘Charlie bit my finger’ have in common? They’re all NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) sold for £900k, £2.1m, and £53k, respectively.

10 March 2022

What does this mean for brands?

24 February 2022

Unpacking conflict & tensions across consumers' multiple identities

22 November 2021
in General

How brands can embrace pessimism following the COP26 conference in Glasgow