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Research Measurement Technologies

RMT's goal is to empower leading media, entertainment, and advertising organizations with significant audience-building technology solutions for content discovery and recommendation, and for accelerating tune-in, repeat viewing, & brand loyalty; doing so, while creating a truly dlitful experience for consumers.

RMT was founded in 2014 as a consultancy of media, entertainment, and advertising industry executives who consistently lead the industry. They were first to produce set top box data, direct matching of set top box and purchase data for ROI optimization, and addressable commercials, to name three of many cases. RMT remains a unique combination of intensive business capability and intensive science capability. Since then, RMT has brought innovative products to market, including dlitr™, dlitr™ White Label, Screen Savants, Hy-Ops, and more, all built on the underlying deep learning DriverTag™ sciences developed by RMT's founding executives.

9 November 2022
in Opinions

The expanded use of insights by governments in reaching data-driven solutions to mitigate pressing challenges.