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Alina Serbanica

Senior Vice-President at Ipsos

Alina Serbanica is Senior Vice President at Ipsos, leading the worldwide Total Operations Data Privacy inside the company. She has 30 years experience in market research and her broader expertise on both online and offline, on delivering market research services and on handling global online operations represent her great asset for dealing with the new data privacy environment, under a very dynamic pace technology, big data, social media and passive data collection have nowadays.

Since 2010 Alina is the current ESOMAR Representative in Romania and she is co-founder member of the Romanian Society for Marketing Research and Opinion Polls (SORMA), currently the President of SORMA.

ESOMAR Representative Ipsos
8 March

More than three decades ago, I started working in the market research industry, in the most exciting times of the industry, as the ‘pen & paper’ data collection started to be replaced by more advanced techniques like CATI and CAPI.