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Annie Pettit, PhD CAIP FCRIC

Independent Insights Consultant at Annie Pettit Consulting

Annie Pettit, PhD CAIP FCRIC, is an independent marketing research writer, speaker, and methodologist who specializes in research design and analysis, data quality, and innovative methods. She is a keen supporter of research standards and ethics, a firm believer in “people first, researchers second,” and an advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

A frequent speaker and author, Annie is the author of “People Aren't Robots,” a questionnaire design book, and “7 Strategies and 10 Tactics to Become a Thought Leader.” In her spare time, she hoards ukuleles and hopes to one day know more than ten chords.

26 September 2023

Researchers value ethics and standards of quality, but to generate the best data possible, we need also to be kind.

11 October 2022

Research used to be playful.