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Barry Jennings

Director at Microsoft, Commercial Cloud and Business Planning Research at Microsoft

Barry Jennings, Director, Commercial Cloud and Business Planning Insights for Microsoft Research and Insights group, has more than three decades of experience in market research. He started in research while still in college as a telephone survey researcher and later worked on international technology brand-related market research at Millward Brown IntelliQuest. He spent 18 years at Dell in research positions that covered almost every product the company produced. Next, Barry moved into the mobile space by joining BlackBerry, where he was head of market research and competitive intelligence focused on business to business solutions. At Microsoft, Barry and his team deliver insights to drive the company’s cloud marketing and commercial business planning groups. Barry’s research focus includes cloud computing, data platform, AI, development tools, and other enterprise solutions.

10 October 2022

Supporting business model bravery by innovating customer research