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Diego Casaravilla

Founder at Fine Research

Been in the international market research business for 20 years,

Has founded and still fully manages Fine Research, the largest independent MR data collection network in Latin America with offices in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay. The agency focuses in consumer, healthcare and b2b fielding.

Created in 2008, Fine Panel, the first and largest medical panel in LatAm, with over 60,000 active panel members in the main 6 countries in the region.

Has published books, and articles in leading industry magazines related to MR and also to broader Social Sciences topics (racism, migration, etc.)

14 April 2022
in General

Fine Research have delivered 2460 support messages prepared by Latin America healthcare professionals to the Save The Children Humanitarian Response team

13 December 2021

The first and most intriguing question we can ask about post-COVID is whether we are already there or not.