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Pat A. Pellegrini, Ph.D.

President & Chief Executive Officer at Vividata

In a career spanning two decades, Pat has successfully transformed and led media research and consumer insights companies through visionary product strategy, strategic investment, operational efficiencies and thoughtful leadership.

In media audience research, Pat pioneered the methodology and practice of passive measurement technology for TV, radio, print and digital audience measurement, including the widely used hybrid digital measurement and census plus panel for TV set-top box measurement. In addition, his research has continually enhanced the state of the art in media consumption and consumer survey fusions.

In consumer insights research, Pat explored the powerful role of consumer psychographics and mindset variables to predict and differentiate consumer preferences. He approaches consumer research from a "measurement science" perspective - that is, the intersection of measurement technology and methodology. Examples of product innovations from this approach include modular consumer survey design and the development of truthset or calibration panels to enhance and validate first- and third-party data sources.

As a President, CEO and GM, Pat has built management strategies, new leadership teams, navigated and turned around 'carve outs' with rebranding, repositioning, culture change and innovative products leading to successful exits. Pat is a seasoned leader with full P&L responsibility and board and corporate governance experience for private, public and not-for-profit companies improving top- and bottom-line results.

19 June 2023
in General

Jackie Rousseau-Anderson and Pat Pellegrini discuss the latest industry trends and growth opportunities in data analytics and consumer insights, highlighting Vividata's leadership in cross-media measurement and high-quality research.