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Sandra Grandsoult

Co-Founder & Equity Architect at Equitas Insight

Sandra is an equity explorer, architect, and advocate.

Sandra is an equity explorer, architect, and advocate. She sees fairness and equitable access to opportunities not as an idealistic aspiration but as a goal to be achieved in practical, measurable, and impactful ways.

Over the last two decades, Sandra has acquired rich client-side insight and marketing experience through leadership roles at GSK, Walt Disney Co., Virgin Media, Vodafone, and American Express, building strategies and initiatives focused on growing people, customers and brands.

She spent the next ten years consulting for leading global brands such as Pfizer, PepsiCo, PayPal and Verizon as a Partner at the global consulting firm Brand Learning, Accenture. She now combines and connects her bench strength of research, insights and strategy with her passionate vision for equity as Co-founder of Equitas Insight, a boutique Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Insights Consultancy. She works with clients to help them generate rich, relevant & inclusive insights and to craft equitable experiences for measurable equity impact.

Alongside this, Sandra is a member of the Insights Association’s IDEA Council and Membership Experience Chair of the Market Research Council. Sandra believes that doing good really does = doing well and that we must all do what we can to be part of the solution for equity.

Originally from the UK, Sandra has lived in the US for the last 10 years and now divides her time between South Florida and London.

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