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Tanya Fowler

Head of Customer Experience at First Canadian Title Company Limited

As an advocate and change agent, Tanya is a champion of the customer's voice. Tanya's career trajectory has included roles in legal, customer support, operations, sales enablement, and marketing with one primary focus: placing the customer at the centre of all business decisions. She became Canada's 79th Certified Customer Experience Professional in January 2021 and leads CX strategy, focusing particularly on driving a customer-centric culture and championing the voice of FCT's customers to cultivate, motivate, and implement change to support the delivery of industry-leading experiences. In October 2021, Tanya led FCT to their first CX industry recognition as they received the prestigious 'Customer Centricity in B2B' award from the North American Customer Centricity Awards.

11 January 2023

Using research to help create a customer-centric organisation