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Thor Olof Philogène

CEO and Co-Founder at Stravito

Thor Olof Philogène is the CEO and Co-founder of Stravito, an AI-powered knowledge management platform for market research. Stravito allows global organisations to centralise their insights and make them accessible to employees everywhere, with minimal time and effort. Founded in 2017, Thor leads the Stravito team, counting world-leading enterprises such as Comcast, Electrolux and Danone as customers. Prior to Stravito, Thor held many prominent leadership positions. Most recently, he was Chief Revenue Officer at fintech company iZettle, which has since been acquired by PayPal. Here, Thor scaled the growth division from scratch to a 200-strong team covering 12 markets globally. Thor holds an M.Sc. in Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics.

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