Navigating inclusive narratives: Language evolution in Market Research

23 November 2023
Authors Iliya Hull

Why is an inclusive question important when you want to get the right answer?

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Navigating inclusive narratives: Language evolution in Market Research

In this episode of Talking Insights with Bel Kerkhoff-Parnell, we unravel the evolution of language in market research and its pivotal role in fostering inclusivity.

Language Evolution

Bell highlights the positive shift in market research language, especially in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) topics. The language now aligns authentically with research intentions, marking a pivotal change in the industry.

Impact on Campaigns and Social Realities

How does language impact campaign resonance and business outcomes? Bell delves into the role of language in shaping perceptions of race, racism, and discrimination, emphasising the responsibility market researchers bear in making informed language choices.

Promoting Inclusivity Through Key Practices

For aspiring inclusive researchers, Bell stresses the importance of building inclusive teams. The takeaways include cultivating humility, sensitivity, and a willingness to adapt language choices based on feedback, fostering a mindset that actively seeks diversity in language.

Iliya Hull
Senior Marketing and Community Coordinator at ESOMAR