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Deepak Varma

Head of Neuroscience Insights, North America at Kantar

Deepak Varma is Head of Neuroscience Insights at Kantar – North America. Deepak has been working with Kantar for over 6 years to improve insight delivery from neuroscience tools, including client-specific training programs, especially focusing on Facial Coding. He has over 13 years of experience in neuroscience (using EEG, Facial Coding and eye tracking) in the area of advertising, packaging, brand equity, product development and shopper solutions globally.

Over the last 3 years, Deepak has done extensive research on inclusion and diversity in advertising with a focus on race, gender and LGBTQ+ audiences. He has papers in ESOMAR, and ARF and has done several client workshops on the topic and brings a unique perspective to DEI using neuroscience techniques and measuring implicit bias.

19 July 2023

Super Bowl advertising is the biggest platform of the year, but does it resonate with all the different consumer audiences? The Super Bowl, in 2022, had roughly 112 million viewers with over 40% of them from diverse groups and women.

12 July 2023

Brands that don’t embrace diverse advertising and LGBTQ+ inclusion can alienate consumers and hurt sales.

5 July 2023

Getting diversity and inclusion right in advertising matters more than you think. Our research shows 52% of all consumers "trust a brand more if their ads reflect my culture." For brands, demonstrating inclusion and diversity in advertising is imperative.