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KnowledgeHound is a premier search-driven analytics solution that allows clients to keep their customer at the forefront of every business decision through quick and easy exploration and visualization of their survey data. Our team of consumer insights experts, data scientists, and programming geniuses are transforming the way companies interact with their market research data, so that you can spend less time searching and reporting on the insights you need. And more time growing your business. KnowledgeHound simplifies how companies share and activate consumer insights—building a unified, searchable database for your market research data, so you can easily and efficiently locate the insights you need. Stunning visualization tools and powerful analytics make it easy to transform data and insights into effective business intelligence, while secure, cloud-based technology lets your team share information across units, geographies, and business partners for a broader impact. For more information about KnowledgeHound, or to learn about opportunities to join our growing team, visit www.knowledgehound.com.

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25 October 2021

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