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The Forge is an award-winning strategy consultancy, delivering exceptional commercial returns for the world’s biggest brands. We help our clients create enduring and meaningful value for their consumers and customers. We have a unique director-only business model. We bring deep reserves of experience, wisdom and practicality, and each of us has a proven track record of successfully delivering and embedding growth strategies across a diverse range of categories and organisations. Importantly, we’ve all made the decision to remain hands-on, to use our experience and innate curiosity to help large and complex organisations move faster and accelerate the delivery of value to customers.

9 January

There is a prevailing narrative that most innovation fails: the figure that is often quoted is that 95% fail. But is it true?

9 August 2023

This is the second half of our article on sustainability say-do gap. Part 1 explained why we shouldn’t hold consumers responsible for it. In this second part, we look at where we should focus our efforts.

2 August 2023

Those pesky consumers. If only they would really do what they say they will – buy the sustainable product, do the recycling, eat a plant-based diet – we would be able to save the planet, right?

22 March 2023

......and four ways to cure them