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Edward Appleton

Director Global Marketing & Sales at Happy Thinking People

Edward Appleton is Chief Marketing Officer with Happy Thinking People in Berlin. Edward has worked for over 20 years in market research on both Agency and client side. Prior to his current role, Edward was Senior Insights Manager with Coca-Cola in Berlin; before that he was European Insights Manager at Avery Dennison. He started his career with Mass Observation UK, which he left to join the Insights team at Nestle UK. He blogs regularly at https://researchandreflect.blogspot.com. Edward is bi-cultural English/ German, speaks fluent French.

16 March 2022
in Opinions

Sales and market research – how do they rub along together, if at all?

1 November 2021

Insight communities (also known as MROCs) seem to be on a roll, increasingly taking centre stage in many research designs. Find out why.