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Liubov Ruchinskaya

Global Consumer Insights Director Care at Electrolux
liubov ruchinskaya

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8 March

Think big about yourself and surround yourself with people who think even bigger about you.

29 December 2023
in General

Delve into the leadership secrets of James Sallows as he discusses the power of trust, transparency, and building advocacy to leave a lasting impact in the industry.

22 December 2023
in General

In this episode, we're joined by Nitesh Priyadarshi, Vice President of Consumer Insight at Unilever. Discover Nitesh's 17+ years of experience working across diverse markets and gain valuable insights into leadership, risk-taking, and fostering growth.

21 November 2023
in General

Dan Wish's leadership journey unveils a holistic approach encompassing team empowerment, strategic partnerships, global leadership finesse, conflict resolution, and unwavering leadership values.