Navigating Growth, Empathy, and Curiosity with Nitesh Priyadarshi

22 December 2023

In this episode, we're joined by Nitesh Priyadarshi, Vice President of Consumer Insight at Unilever. Discover Nitesh's 17+ years of experience working across diverse markets and gain valuable insights into leadership, risk-taking, and fostering growth.

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Embark on a leadership journey with Nitesh Priyadarshi, Vice President of Consumer Insight at Unilever. In this insightful episode of "Hack Your Leadership," Nitesh shares three key elements that have defined his successful 25-year career – empathy, curiosity, and humility.

Empathy: Nitesh emphasises the significance of empathy in leadership, extending it not only to consumers, markets, and business partners but also within the team. Understanding individual contexts and personalising leadership styles fosters an environment where each team member can thrive.

Curiosity and Risk-Taking: Curiosity, Nitesh asserts, is the driving force behind successful leadership. He encourages a spirit of experimentation and risk-taking, urging leaders to explore new ideas and markets. Nitesh's experiences across different markets, from India to Brazil, showcase the value of embracing diverse challenges.

Humility in Leadership: Humility, the often-overlooked aspect of leadership, takes centre stage in Nitesh's philosophy. Acknowledging that success is a collective effort, he underscores the importance of humility in acknowledging that great achievements are a result of teamwork and collaboration.

Influencing Business Partners: Delve into Nitesh's strategies for managing difficult dialogues and influencing business partners. Provoking discussions with data-backed insights, inspiring through potential opportunities, and personalising conversations based on business partners' priorities are key components of Nitesh's approach.

Team Empowerment: For Nitesh, team success is paramount. He advocates for leaders to view themselves not just as insight professionals but as growth drivers. Encouraging an enterprise-wide approach, where everyone contributes to the team's success, ensures that insights lead to tangible growth for the company.

Nitesh's leadership style is a unique blend of empathy, curiosity, and humility. Aspiring leaders in the market research industry can draw inspiration from his journey, understanding that true leadership extends beyond individual achievements, focusing on collective growth, and enjoying the process along the way.

Liubov Ruchinskaya
Global Consumer Insights Director Care at Electrolux

Article series

Hack your Leadership Podcast