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Michaela Mora

Founder at Relevant Insights

Michaela Mora, the founder of Relevant Insights, is an insights professional with a diverse background and more than 20 years of experience in market research, UX research, and multicultural research in many different industries. She is a graduate of the MSMR program at UTA and has working experience from both the client-side and the supplier-side in the U.S. and abroad, using qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Before founding Relevant Insights in 2007, she managed the research team at Blockbuster Online, and Match.com after working as a researcher for MARC Research in Texas, Kantar in Sweden, and the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television in Cuba. 

Michaela is also a founding member of the Multicultural Insights Collective, which conducts multicultural research into best practices to help brands speak both internally and externally on topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

30 March 2022

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