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Patricio Pagani

Founder at The Black Puma

Patricio Pagani is the founder of The Black Puma, an Analytics Growth Hacking, Data Strategy and AI firm that blends Data Science and Tech to help companies reinvent themselves. Patricio is also a Digital Transformation catalyst that is helping large organizations embrace what the future holds for them. An Angel Investor in data-driven technology start-ups (mobility, IOT), Patricio has a portfolio of companies he's advising. Also, he is a Board director at Infotools, a leading provider of market research software tools & services.

A sought-after keynote speaker at various marketing forums, you will find Patricio discussing what the future may hold for the Business Intelligence and Market Research industry. Patricio used to be the president of the New Zealand Market Research Society for several years and is currently the ESOMAR representative for Argentina and a member of the Associations Executive Committee.

ESOMAR Committee Member The Black Puma
6 March
in General

A clear distinction between the Market Research sector and the Data Analytics sector is that the latter is yet to bind its stakeholders with a globally recognised and pervaded industry association like ESOMAR.