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Sanaya Sinha

Lead Insight & Design Strategy at Quantum Consumer Solutions: Insight & Design Strategy

As a teenager, I loved reading stories about the lives of other people; as an adult, I pursued my passion by listening people’s life stories as a qualitative consumer researcher. I was invited into homes across South East Asia, India, and China, and listened to human stories with humility and curiosity; my insights enabled me to advise clients on brand strategy.

I realized that I wanted to use my skills for the social sector, and left that job to pursue an MA in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex. Post this, I have worked in the development sector in project management and research roles across diverse themes including sanitation, healthcare, gender, and governance.

I enjoy programming in my free time, and am proficient in Python; I also dabble in R, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I enjoy the challenge and creativity of writing programs, particularly for large-scale data analysis. My programming knowledge has enabled me to integrate quantitative and qualitative data for policy recommendations, for instance writing programs to analyse demographic and public finance data.

10 March 2022

What does this mean for brands?