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16 April

No place brings together knowledge, talent, laughter and celebration like the ESOMAR LATAM Conference

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5 min read
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A week after its conclusion, comments, pictures, mentions and likes all continue to populate the social media channels thanks to an unforgettable conference. The insights community gathered, again, to share, learn and celebrate the power of the insights industry to understand humans, shape the world and defend ethical values.

Throughout the two days of the conference, plus an extra day to bring local associations and ESOMAR representatives together, a plethora of experts filled the stage with lessons, intriguing questions and recommendations which ensured that all delegates returned home with ideas to apply, strategies to implement and, of course, new contacts to nurture.

Strengthening the local network
The conference started a day earlier for those people who guard the local industry in different ways. ESOMAR representatives bring the local community together and act as the connectors between their home countries and ESOMAR. After all, only by being local can ESOMAR be truly global.

The Latin American region counts with two new representatives, Ileana Tejeda from Dominican Republic, and Rafa Céspedes from Chile. Along with all the rest of representatives and the invaluable coordination of Urpi Torrado, ESOMAR Ambassador for the region, representatives transmit the needs of their countries, implement initiatives to empower professionals locally and help liase with local associations.

Associations gather at every major ESOMAR event in a Leaders Summit – the main one taking place in Congress in September. The goal is to bring them together, keep them informed of the main initiatives they can participate in, and allow for a forum to exchange ideas, challenges, and success stories. The release of ESOMAR’s 20 Questions to Help Buyers of AI-Based Services, the update of the ICC/ESOMAR International Code, and other initiatives such as Research got Talent and International Market Research Day, help bring the industry together and continue to build its resilience.

Lastly, ESOMAR’s LATAM Conference hosted a lunch to gather associations on the periphery of the insights Industry and create another forum to widen collaboration beyond the beaten path. These included the National Association of Advertisers of Colombia, the National Association of Communication Media, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, and the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota. The exchange was truly inspiring and serves to create new links with associations that may share certain common objectives in different areas.

Content, content, content
Presentations at ESOMAR LATAM Conference were, as always, of the highest level, and some speakers took the mic again to record a podcast chapter for ESOMAR’s Talking Insights. Of course Artificial Intelligence remained the buzz word for some of the presentations. But beyond the obvious, other presentations covered societal issues, deepened our understanding of human nature, and asked truly philosophical questions for the audience to ponder.

A wide study from a brand on the state of female empowerment in the region served to, first, realise that there is still quite a way to go and, second, delve into why a commercial brand would carry out such study in the first place. As Adrian Kohan mentioned, over the decades, brands have moved from simple providers of goods to followers, and even creators, of cultural movements. This social engagement and, to some extent, customer expectation, puts brands in a completely different light in today’s world.

Have you noticed how the status of pets has changed over the years, and how remarkably important these companions have become for many people? This evolution, Constanza Cilley said, can be traced back to much deeper changes in the psyche of individuals, the impact of solitude, sense of constant uncertainty, and other impactors that tell a tale (or tell a tail, I should say!) about today’s society.

After all, whether it is perceiving brands as part of our culture or putting our pets at the level of family members, studying human reactions requires understanding feelings. Jorge Quesada mentioned three different types: emotions, subjective experiences which take the name of feelings, and sensations, more linked to intuition. While people experience life differently, some words share the same definition. Happiness, for instance, can be defined as the absence of fear. I would like to encourage you to re-read that again and bask in its meaning. In any case, by understanding and measuring feelings, brands can start to predict behaviours and, therefore, tune their offer from the earliest moments of consumer contact.

And, of course, connections
ESOMAR LATAM Conference brought together over 230 delegates who interacted, learned and partied to create a cohesive and, may I say, “happy” conference. The anecdotes are too many to mention – and some are too private, too! – so make sure to join ESOMAR LATAM Conference 2025 so you don´t miss a thing!

As always, LATAM leaves us with a smile on our faces, the sense of fulfilment, and a slow nod of our heads that conveys utter satisfaction. See you all in 2025!

Xabier Palacio
Senior Manager at ESOMAR's Intelligence Unit at ESOMAR