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Xabier Palacio

Senior Manager at ESOMAR's Intelligence Unit at ESOMAR

Xabier is Senior Manager at ESOMAR's Intelligence Unit and coordinates the production of reports, such as ESOMAR's flagship Global Market Research besides analysing global trends within market research, improving established publications and producing new ones to increase the value for our members and the industry.

Originally from Spain, Xabier has been living in the Netherlands for a number of years, where he studied a Master in International Economics followed by a Master in Marketing at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. He is fluent in Spanish and English, has a decent command of Dutch, and loves music about as much as analysis.

21 February
in General

As portions of the research function were transferred from the agency side to the client side, so did the professionals themselves.

8 February
in General

What happens when social shifts, regulations and new technologies impact the fundamental business models the industry (any industry!) has relied on for years?

31 January
in General

Challenges for insight generation come from within

10 January
in General

ESOMAR’s Global Users & Buyers of Insights 2023 report shows that around half of all projects (48%) are conducted internally, with signs hinting at a preference for simpler, likely cheaper projects being chosen for internalisation.

13 December 2023
in General

Is the eternal risk of complete internalisation real?

12 December 2023
in General

Brewing insights and networking at Belgium's CUBE event.

1 December 2023

The successful implementation of AI will involve a dual effort of self-regulation and outside regulation from lawmakers and legislators.

22 November 2023
in General

Does keeping it in-house pose a threat to research agencies?

2 November 2023

Unlocking AI's true potential while protecting the industry.

31 October 2023

Maria Bruder, a Senior Researcher with the BBC World Service, discussed a groundbreaking research project aiming to bridge the gender gap in news consumption.

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