Global Users & Buyers of Insights 2023

Articles relating to the Global Users & Buyers of Insights 2023 study.

22 November 2023

Does keeping it in-house pose a threat to research agencies?

13 December 2023

Is the eternal risk of complete internalisation real?

10 January

ESOMAR’s Global Users & Buyers of Insights 2023 report shows that around half of all projects (48%) are conducted internally, with signs hinting at a preference for simpler, likely cheaper projects being chosen for internalisation.

31 January

Challenges for insight generation come from within

21 February

As portions of the research function were transferred from the agency side to the client side, so did the professionals themselves.

13 March

The various underlying factors behind the phenomena revealed in ESOMAR’s Global Users & Buyers of Insights report.

2 April

The results of the latest ESOMAR Users and Buyers Global Insights Study show there is much to be positive about in the next 12 months, alongside clear challenges ahead for internal insights teams and their research agency partners.

14 May

Internalization in market research is trending, driven by technological advancements, leading to a balance between in- and outsourcing, while strategic insights and foresights remain vital for growth amid increasing demands and resource constraints.