The Insight250 spotlights and celebrates 250 of the world’s premier leaders and innovators in market research, consumer insights and data-driven marketing.

1 March 2022

Creating an industry action plan to address climate issues

15 March 2022

The importance of innovation and leadership in insights technology

22 March 2022

Transitioning to employee-owned business models to incent and empower your workforce.

28 March 2022

Unique perspectives on a spectrum of topics impacting research and insights, from innovation and leadership to trust and disruption.

5 April 2022

Sage advice from leaders and legends across the market research, consumer insights and data-driven marketing sectors.

29 May

Monica discusses her perspective on how research and insights impact the consumer packaged goods industry with both products and consumers and specifically how market research is evolving to help food and beverage brands align with the needs of consumers.

5 June

Vinay and Crispin Beale present a deep discussion on the expanding impact of insights on the relationship between consumers, products, and brands and how technology advancements are elevating the role of market research.

17 July

The Insight250 series showcases exceptional professionals and this time, Crispin spoke with Marco Baldocchi about the fascinating neural mechanisms behind consumer decision-making.

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