Women in Research: Larissa Chase

8 March

As a woman deeply entrenched in the world of Market Research and Insights, my journey has been one of constant learning, growth, and impactful contributions

As a woman deeply entrenched in the world of Market Research and Insights, my journey has been one of constant learning, growth, and impactful contributions. My name is Larissa Chase, and I am Director and Founder of ICA Consultoría Estratégica.

I have a passion for understanding human behaviour, and statistical analysis led me to pursue a career in economics, with a specialisation in statistics and financial analysis, embarking on a mission that would take me across continents and into the heart of various industries.

My career started as an Assistant Project Researcher at ICA - Instituto de Comunicación y Arte, founded by my grandfather Enrique Chase, who was a research pioneer in Paraguay. Here, I learned skills in conducting interviews, fieldwork supervision, and result analysis. From there, I ventured into the corporate world, working as a Specialist in Statistical Behavioural Modelling at local and regional banks.  

But it was in the field of Insights and Research that I found my true calling. This experience in the private sector laid the groundwork for the establishment of my own consultancy firm with the support of my grandfather.

From here on, I've had the privilege of spearheading numerous research projects and program evaluations across Paraguay, working with esteemed organisations such as the Inter-American Development Bank, the United Nations Development Programme, and the European Union, as well as multinational enterprises. From conducting national surveys to in-depth analysis, every project has been an opportunity to make a difference in society.

Internationally, I've represented Paraguay in various regional and global studies coordinated by the Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research (WIN) and have been given the honour of representing ESOMAR in Paraguay since 2023.

My initial encounter with ESOMAR came during my early years as a researcher when I was looking for ethics codes in the industry. However, it was through colleagues and members that I was incentivised to expand my horizons and connect with like-minded professionals attending ESOMAR conference, where I was captivated by the community of researchers, analysts, and industry leaders. I realised the immense potential of international collaboration and knowledge-sharing in advancing the field of market research and insights.

Driven by a passion for promoting best practices and ethical standards in research, I became an active representative member of ESOMAR in Paraguay, participating in workshops, webinars, and networking events.

As the ESOMAR Representative for Paraguay, I am honoured to serve as a bridge between the global research community and my home country. My role involves advocating for the interests and needs of Paraguayan researchers, promoting ESOMAR's initiatives and resources, and fostering collaboration with local institutions and organisations, which is still a big challenge to look ahead.

ESOMAR's commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation resonates deeply with my own professional values, making it a natural fit for me. As I continue my journey in the field of Market Research and Insights, I am grateful for the invaluable support and opportunities that ESOMAR has provided, and I remain steadfast in my dedication to advancing the industry and empowering researchers around the globe.