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Suzy helps insights, R&D, innovation, marketing, business, creative, design and media teams make faster, consumer-centric decisions.

Millions of business decisions are made every day based on untested assumptions. That's why we created Suzy.

Powered by over one million users, Suzy is a perfect blend of art and science; a mix of human and artificial intelligence. Suzy helps companies create products people need, campaigns people love and offers people actually want. The platform gives companies an unprecedented direct line of communication to their customers instantly, on demand, and in real-time. What makes Suzy truly valuable to brands is the unparalleled speed by which they are able to collect real-time consumer intelligence through direct consumer interactions. User responses start to populate in as little as one minute or less and on average, Suzy can deliver 300 responses in less than 60 minutes.

Testing a new website layout? Need feedback on pricing? Curious about the competition? Just ask Suzy.

Advertorial Series
13 May 2022

Organizations need to move faster, be more insightful, and consider real-time information along with supporting material spread across traditional data silos.