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Scott Litman

Co-Founder at Lucy

Scott Litman is an entrepreneur in search of new waystechnology can advance the mission of organizations.From the early days of the Internet and the first websites, to business portals of the dot com era to the latest generation of 1:1 marketing— integrating sales, service, and marketing—Scott and his business partner Dan Mallin have a broad history of building businesses that help clients, predominantly Fortune 1000s and large ad agencies, take advantage of cutting-edge digital transformation.

Today, Scott is the Co-founder of Lucy,Lucy® helps enterprise teams make the most of their data. Built for the Fortune 1000, she reads, listens, watches and learns all of the data that you share with her—a one stop AI-powered knowledge platform for all the data you own and license. She was shaped by the needs of our clients and she continues to evolve with the market. Lucy exists to amaze, delight, and empower knowledge workers.

Advertorial Series
10 October 2022

A “fireside” chat with PepsiCo’s Sioned Winfield

Advertorial Series
13 May 2022

Organizations need to move faster, be more insightful, and consider real-time information along with supporting material spread across traditional data silos.

Advertorial Series
25 February 2022

Join PepsiCo, Lucy, and Zappi in this follow up to the first in the series: “PepsiCo’s Quest to Democratize Knowledge.”