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Adam Riley

Founding Director at Decision Architects

Adam Riley founded insight consultancy Decision Architecture Limited in 2006. His 25-year-plus career has spanned market research agencies, client-side roles and management consultancy. Adam joined TN-AGB in the early nineties, before moving to RSL in its embryonic international research team.

After an MBA at The London Business School, he joined Samsung in South Korea, as a Global Marketing Strategist, before moving back to London and becoming a senior member of the marketing strategy practice of Monitor Company (now part of Deloitte).

30 January

Now we look into Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World's six social strata. We have called these the Billionaires’ Club, New Tech Entrepreneurs, the Newly Advantaged, the Newly Disadvantaged, White-collar Drones and the Dispossessed.

29 January

In this two-part article, the authors will lay out a ‘plausible possible future’ for knowledge work, with a framework that provides a view of the potential impact of the widespread adoption of AI on the knowledge worker.

25 October 2023

The entire presentation from Congress 2023, discusses the necessary skills we humans will need to consider to stay competitive in the evolving technological future.

7 June 2023

In Part Two, we looked at how this is changing the way in which insight operates within the strategy, marketing and insight disciplines, introducing the seven ‘Power Skills’. In this final instalment, we put the spotlight on each of these skills.

31 May 2023

In the first part of this article, we established that we now face a genuinely new paradigm for insight. But just how will the arrival of generative AI change the overall business structure within which insight operates.

23 May 2023

AI has long promised to change the way we live, but until now, it has remained as technology at the margins. Not anymore! Ian Morris, in his book ‘Why The West Rules’, sums up human progress as ‘almost invisible until it isn’t’.