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Aditi Garg

Founder at Out of Syllabus
Aditi Garg

The founder, Aditi Garg is a Consumer behaviour expert with over 17 years of experience in research, brand development, Customer experience. A consumer strategist has worked on projects that cover customer insights, customer experience, and brand strategy. During her stints in the TATA Group, Dentsu Group and the Reliance Group, she has built her niche in gathering, collating and analysing attitudinal and behavioural data and deriving actionable insights for various entities.

As a member of the Centre for Customer Insights, Tata Sons, she has led many large-scale research studies, such as uncovering opportunities for the TATA group to target the Silvers segment and unlocking the potential for the TATA group in developing premium products and services.

Her love for research and passion for uncovering deep and meaningful insights was honed by her stints in research agencies such as Quantum Consumer Solutions, IRIS Retail and 9dot9 Media. A social scientist, Aditi holds a Master's degree in International Studies from NUS, Singapore and an undergraduate degree in Economics (Hons) from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University.

7 March

As consumer behaviour evolves with the changing paradigms of brands, technology and customer experience, the constructs of understanding consumer perceptions and motivations also need to evolve.