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Caspar Swanston

Quantitative Director at Lovebrands
caspar swanston

Caspar is an experienced researcher with a commitment to rigour, whose unrelenting curiosity is driven by a profound fascination with human behaviour. As head of the quantitative division at Lovebrands, a global consultancy with a holistic offering, he is dedicated to uncovering insight, building strategy, and driving innovation for clients.

23 January
in General

In 2016, the political polling industry was hit by a humiliation from which it still has not recovered. All the predictions were wrong: Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton, was heading to the White House, and trust in polling plummeted.

18 October 2023
in General

It seems as if researchers have come to a consensus on the “right” amount of confidence to have in all studies and for all business questions: 95%.