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Nikki Lavoie

Vice-President at ESOMAR, Founder & CEO at MindSpark Research

Nikki is ESOMAR Vice-President.

Nikki is a spirited and intuitive researcher who translates her passion for understanding people into strategic insight. She has focused largely on combining ethnographic and digital techniques in a cross-cultural context, as a result of her years spent in the US and as an expat living in Paris.

In addition to her role on ESOMAR Council, Nikki also sits on the Board of the AQR (Association of Qualitative Research). She has been presenting on topics like agile qualitative research, culture & linguistics and DEI (diversity, equality and inclusion) for over 15 years.

ESOMAR Council Member ESOMAR MindSpark Research
21 November 2023

A recent roundtable discussion delved into the diverse landscape of AI's role in qualitative research, raising a multitude of questions and considerations.