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Cannon Gray

Cannon Gray LLC

Statistics, Data Science and Marketing Research Subcontracting and Consulting

Cannon Gray LLC is a marketing science and analytics company that partners with marketing research agencies, analytics companies, consultants, ad agencies and clients located in many regions of the world.  Most work is done remote by phone/Skype or email.

Advanced Analytics and consultation are provided for a broad range of quantitative marketing research.  The focus is on developing knowledge and insights for decision making, not on number crunching.  Each project is tailored to address specific marketing issues and to the country or countries being researched.

3 August 2023

Happily, a lot has happened in the field of statistics since the Roaring Twenties, when writers such as Dashiell Hammett and Ernest Hemmingway were getting their careers underway.

12 December 2022

There are now many thousands of statistical tools, and new methods are being developed at an increasingly rapid pace

19 September 2022
in General

Marketing research draws most of its methodologies from other disciplines, econometrics is only one, but an important one.