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Kevin Gray

President at Cannon Gray

Cannon Gray was established in 2008 by Kevin Gray, a marketing scientist who has been in marketing research for more than 30 years.  Previously Kevin had worked for The Nielsen Company's Consumer Research division, Kantar Research International and McCann Erickson as well as on the client side. 

His background covers dozens of product and service categories and over 50 countries.  A member of the American Marketing Association and the American Statistical Association, he is always keen to learn about innovations in marketing research and to borrow ideas from other disciplines. 

3 August 2023

Happily, a lot has happened in the field of statistics since the Roaring Twenties, when writers such as Dashiell Hammett and Ernest Hemmingway were getting their careers underway.

12 December 2022

There are now many thousands of statistical tools, and new methods are being developed at an increasingly rapid pace

19 September 2022
in General

Marketing research draws most of its methodologies from other disciplines, econometrics is only one, but an important one.