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Understand behavior, grow further! EyeSee is one of the fastest growing behavioral research companies in the world, based in New York, Antwerp, Paris, London, Belgrade, Mexico City and Singapore. We use accessible remote behavioral methods in combination with conventional to unlock next level consumer insights with the highest predictive value. Through highly effective methods such as online eye tracking, facial coding, virtual shopping, and survey, we measure the impact of shopper marketing, advertising, digital solutions, and innovations. For research purposes, respondents use their own devices (computers and mobile phones), thus cutting down time, costs, and enabling testing on a global scale. Our teams conduct studies in more than 40 countries. We had the privilege to work with global brands in a myriad of industries, some of which are Johnson & Johnson, Twitter, Microsoft, Viacom, Nestlé, and many others.


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7 December 2022

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27 July 2022

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1 April 2022
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18 February 2022

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