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Kim Smouter

Head of Public Affairs & Professional Standards at ESOMAR

Kim L. Smouter-Umans is ESOMAR's Head of Public Affairs and Professional Standards, having joined ESOMAR in 2012. He heads a small team of professional standards and public affairs experts championing the value of market, opinion and social research and data analytics.

He leads ESOMAR's advocacy efforts and supervises our Professional Standards activities. Prior to working for ESOMAR, Kim served a stint as Secretary General of the European Network of National Civil Society Associations.

He has also served in various policy roles working for the North East England Office in Brussels and in the European Parliament working in the fields of social policy, education, and employment.

He holds a Masters degree in European Public Affairs and a Bachelor's degree in European Studies and is a graduate of the University of Maastricht. He is also a certified Data Protection Officer from the University of Maastricht's European Centre for Cybersecurity and Privacy.

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21 February 2022
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Kim Smouter finds out about the supply ecosystem in market research