ESOMAR Update - Interview with Sandy Casey

21 February 2022

Kim Smouter finds out about the supply ecosystem in market research

3 min read

In a world where data can be collected so easily through passive means, is there still a space for panels? What are organisations like InnovateMR putting in place to keep quality and trust high? And what can panels offer that other tools available to insight and analytics professionals can’t?

Kim Smouter, Head of Public Affairs and Professional Standards, meets with Sandy Casey, Senior Vice-President at InnovateMR, to talk about the future of supply market research and the investments InnovateMR has made to reinvent its panel by ensuring it is focused on the user, offering more and better rewards to its members.

In this interview, Sandy also explores the value of a proprietary panel and where it makes sense to apply them.

A fascinating discussion awaits you:
Sandy Casey
Senior Vice President at InnovateMR
Kim Smouter
Head of Public Affairs & Professional Standards at ESOMAR