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Sandy Casey

Senior Vice President at InnovateMR

Sandy Casey, Senior Vice President, InnovateMR

Sandy Casey has been in the industry for nearly 20 years. Sandy specializes in res-tech product innovation, automation / DIY platforms, supply creation, operations, panel development and management. Through the years, Sandy has consistently built supply, improved supply management, led supply technology framework and developed operational and sampling best practices, leading to a significant increase in revenue, decrease in COGS, and overall increase in EBITA and margin in unison at all of the organizations Sandy has worked with. Sandy is noted as one of the top supply executives globally with a special expertise in B2B research and hard to find audiences. She has a special knack of finding that very unique niche audience across the globe, as well as expanding the easier to find and combining them into a strategic supply model.

As SVP of Global Supply at InnovateMR, Sandy excels at building strong relationships internally and externally with an entrepreneurial spirit driving innovation, automation and systematic efficiencies.

Sandy has presented at such conferences as ARF, Advertising Research Foundation, and Samplecon focused on creative panel building and management as well as the challenges of supply meeting every growing demand for online sampling and research.

Sandy attended Chapman University, where she received her BA in Communications.

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