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We’ve built a platform that helps brands run consumer testing through all stages of advertising and innovation development. Our technology gives you easy access to better research methodologies so you can test more, learn more, and ultimately make better decisions about the ads and innovation you take to market. We work with some of the biggest brands in the world to curate methodologies that are grounded in today’s modern world and directly answer the specific questions you have. Because you know your business, we know modern-day consumer insights. Together, we make it easy for you to launch great ads and innovation.

20 June 2022
in Opinions

Dan Foreman meets Irena Hempel about being a refugee from the war in Bosnia. She escaped with her mother and eventually made her way to Germany, fleeing bullets, fires, and crossing rivers, quite a story.

Advertorial Series
25 February 2022

Join PepsiCo, Lucy, and Zappi in this follow up to the first in the series: “PepsiCo’s Quest to Democratize Knowledge.”