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Hunter Thurman

President at Alpha-Diver

Hunter Thurman is president of Alpha-Diver, the market research & consulting firm that applies neuroscience to more deeply understand marketplace behavior. The firm’s neuroscientists and strategists work with leading brands, retailers and the Wall Street analyst community to explain consumer behavior in ways proven to help clients drive double-digit brand growth via activation.

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1 November 2023

Culturally, we’re in a decidedly teenage era. So why do consumers behave in specific ways and buy certain product categories and brands?

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AI: All-Inputs

5 min read
4 October 2023

We are the chefs. Data are our ingredients.

8 June 2023

Oh good. Another article espousing the secrets of persuading young consumers.


5 min read
19 April 2023

Neuroscience breaks through the hype

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3 April 2023

Shiny objects vs. insight breakthroughs.

13 February 2023

The case for replacing occasions with context in your insights development.

19 January 2023

Anatomy of social for 18-25