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Shobha Prasad

Shobha Prasad is a career researcher and recreational cartoonist. The former is used to enrich the latter. Shobha can be reached at shobha.p@drshti.com.

3 October 2022

Research budgets

18 July 2022

What is the best research method?

13 April 2022
in General

We are always right!

6 April 2022

Do we need a new vocabulary?

11 March 2022
in General

Keeping it brief

Time negotiation

< 1 min read
7 January 2022
in General

The fine art of time negotiation from the Shobservatory Research Chronicles.

3 December 2021
in General

Enjoy the latest edition of the Shobservatory Research Chronicles.

17 November 2021

(M)advertising testing

28 October 2021

Pivot to minimalism....?