Global Prices Study

A collection of articles on the 2023 Global Prices Study.

15 January

Eight “dummy” projects to describe the pricing mechanism within the Market Research Industry.

12 February

Inflation and a strong US Dollar are two big factors to consider when examining the prices reported in the Global Prices Study 2023

18 March

ESOMAR’s Global Prices Study 2023 finds that the global median prices for the online modes of many market research projects have increased compared to 2021.

15 April

ESOMAR’s Global Prices Study 2023 finds that the global median price for social listening projects involving the delivery of data collection, presentation and advanced analytics has been steadily increasing over the years.

11 May

Respondent response rates are crucial in online research, which continues to be in high demand due, necessitating increased engagement efforts and incentives amid challenges like survey fatigue and recruitment costs.

12 June

Andrew Cleary shares his views on the advantages and challenges of conducting a random probability sampling project in this extract from the report.

17 July

ESOMAR’s Global Prices Study 2023 report notes that the cost of hiring market research professionals has increased since 2021, though it remains lower than in 2018. Lisa Wilding-Brown provides insights into the factors affecting these costs.