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Advanced Market Research Delivered in Days

quantilope automates consumer research to unlock high quality insights with speed & ease. Our Insights Automation Platform offers AI-driven advanced quantitative and qualitative solutions to support data-driven decision making. Founded in 2014, quantilope was named the #2 top technology provider for consumer research and one of the top 50 most innovative suppliers for insights worldwide (Greenbook GRIT Business & Innovation Report 2022). quantilope powers consumer insights in brand awareness, market segmentation, advertising testing, product concepts and pricing analysis for over 300 brands including Nestle, Pepsi, Danone, Deutsche Telekom, PBS, OMD, and more.

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31 October

Do you know how consumers really feel about your brand, communications or category?

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1 July

Demystifying brand tracking with insights from quantilope’s Guide to Brand Tracking