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Matt Hay

Founder and CEO at Bulbshare

Matt Hay is a consumer trends expert and the founder and CEO of Bulbshare, a technology platform that helps brands collaborate with millions of people everyday to build better products and services for the world.

16 October 2023
in General

What is synthetic data, how can we use it, and what are the risks?

10 July 2023

AI was once the least exciting subject area in tech. We wanted cyborg pets and robot manservants. What we had was reliable data transfers and more targeted email marketing.

15 February 2023

Why cooperation and negotiation are crucial to get the UK back on its feet

12 September 2022

How community can alleviate the cost-of-living crisis

The c-word

4 min read
21 July 2022

Is your brand guilty of community-washing?

16 June 2022

Did the pandemic really bring us closer together?

27 April 2022

Do people shop ethically when times are hard?