6 ways ESOMAR Congress 2023 will supercharge your research

17 August 2023
Authors Jack Miles

Supercharge means “to make faster or more powerful.” Supercharge is also the theme for ESOMAR’s 2023 Global Congress, held in Amsterdam 10th-13th of September.

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6 ways ESOMAR Congress 2023 will supercharge your research

Supercharge means “to make faster or more powerful.” Supercharge is also the theme for ESOMAR’s 2023 Global Congress, held in Amsterdam 10th-13th of September.

So how will Congress 2023 make your research faster or more powerful?

AI, insight innovations and using existing data will speed your research up. And improving your knowledge of human behaviour, insight communication, and audience understanding will make your research more powerful. Here’s how.

Making your research faster: with AI

AI will make your research faster. But at what cost? If any. 

Innovate MR will help answer this by understanding ‘what the fuss is’ with Chat GPT. They’ll do so by comparing results from a survey written by a human with results from a survey written by AI.

Dalberg Research will discuss AI’s use beyond surveys. While showing how machine learning can boost economic growth.

You’ll also hear ESOMAR’s latest thought leadership on AI. And better understand the ethical considerations of using AI in your research methods. 

Making your research faster: with insight innovations

Innovative methods are rife at this year’s Congress. You can learn how Coca-Cola used the metaverse to understand consumer behaviour. And how this compared to the understanding typical methods provide. 

Want more metaverse? Then Dow Jones presents their findings about which research tasks and environments you should use with participants wearing VR headsets.

But research innovation isn’t just about technology. It’s about the people working in research. That’s why Congress is starting with eight 60sec pitches from Young ESOMAR Society members about their latest ideas for research methods.

Making your research faster: by using existing data

Often, we can answer business questions by using existing data sets. This can be faster than doing new research and collecting new data. And at Congress, Patrick Fagan & Vanjar Ljevar will show how data created by our digital journeys can help us understand human psychology. Not just human behaviour. 

Existing data sources feature in talks across Congress. From how Cisco used data they owned already to create customer personas. To how Haleon used product reviews to supplement other research methods today. And why there’s a case, that product review data could replace traditional research methods tomorrow.

Making your research more powerful: by increasing how much you know about people.

Technology and data will supercharge your research. But research is about people. And this means that understanding people – their feelings, their decision-making processes, and their behaviour – is our priority.

That’s why at this year’s Congress, behavioural scientist and author Richard Shotton is a keynote speaker. And why Judo Bank are sharing how they increased their employee’s happiness. You can also learn about behavioural science-based research methods in Congress’ Learning Lab.

Making your research more powerful: by making your research more impactful

Research can’t be powerful if it doesn’t impact business decisions. Luckily, several of Congress’ presenters can help you with this.

A client panel hosted by Lucy Davidson will teach you how to create a culture of insight-based decision-making. And Google, Nepa, Kantar, Qrious, and Luma Research’s presentations will show you how research can help increase advertising’s effectiveness.

The core to creating a culture of insight-based decision-making is effective insight communication. And you can learn how to share insight stories using mediums such as photos and live streaming courtesy of IKEA and Pernod Ricard.

And there’s no greater impact research can have than helping brands grow. That’s why Ehrenberg-Bass’ Jenni Romaniuk will be telling us what the research best practices are in a ‘how brands grow’ world.

Making your research more powerful: by learning about relevant audiences

Is your targeting preference mass marketing? Segmentation? Or hyper-personalisation? Regardless, all brands have a target audience.

That’s why you can supercharge your research by learning how to connect with GenZ on TikTok. Or by hearing how Nestle and Lovebrands used qualitative research to understand the way mothers define themselves. Or by listening to how EON fuelled their #PoweredUpForChange campaign with audience insights using behavioural science and semiotics. 

No matter who you work for, we share a common audience. Research participants. And throughout Congress, you can learn how to improve how you engage with them. Whether it’s research design best practice workshops. The Recognising Excellence in Survey Excellence awards. Or learning about UX best practices.

Do you want to know more about what’s happening at the 2023 Congress? If so, you can find more information here.

Jack Miles
Senior Research Director at Northstar Research Partners, Research World Editor in Chief, Online at ESOMAR